Hi Everyone,
As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities since getting injured at work five years ago, and have been immersed in a battle for compensation all the while. I’ve finally had to launch a fundraiser to help with the legal expenses and help me acquire a chemical-free home.

I need your help.

There are two ways to participate: by donating, and by spreading the word. Please check out my gofundme page for more information.

Gratefully yours, Fiona




Sunstaring (album). sunstaringLehn combines elements of prog and melodic rock, akin to Queen, Ziggy Stardust, Steinman & Heart. Anthemic and unorthodox melodies and thick vocal harmonies fuel Lehn’s other-worldly epic. Tracklist, audio, and liner notes coming soon.
Genre: Rock: Progressive Rock
Release Date: 2006
Available at CD Baby or on iTunes.


On Your Radio (single).onyourradio Lehn’s rockin’ cover of Joe Jackson’s classic Brit punk tune. She remains true to Jackson’s original and adds her signature vocal arrangements, and vocals recorded through a shortwave radio and a theramin. Audio and liner notes coming soon. Available at CD Baby or on iTunes.


One for Me (EP)oneforme. Contains five distinct petals from the flower of love. A songwriting sampler, One for Me spans musical genres from disco to new age, to dance mix pop. Thematically, the songs range from the final pangs of heartbreak to love at first sight, to the magical folly of love that no one can explain. An examination of one of life’s most universal undefinables, expressed with passion and candour. Tracklist, audio, and liner notes coming soon.
Genre: Pop, Top 40, and even some Whale Music
Release Date: 2001
Available at CD Baby!


Boarder (album). boarderLehn rocks and folks on Boarder with a 70s tinge and a present day relevance–lyrically driven songs questing for love; discovering humanity; questioning the right to kill for one’s God, the Corporate takeover of art, and much more. Featuring the Fiona Lehn Underground Band (FLUB) on 11 songs and solo Lehn on 4 acoustics. Tracklist, audio, and liner notes coming soon.
Genre: Folk: Political
Release Date: 1996
Available at CD Baby!


The Will (1995 album, out of print).cropped music image Lehn’s second release, full of original music to inspire the human will. Mostly acoustic and sometimes A Capella Lehn, with soulful cello performances by her father, experimental formats, and even a little White Girl Funk. Tracklist coming soon.

Both (1994 album, out of print).both Lehn’s first full-length collection, capturing her performance style more authentically than any other recording. Passionate and dynamic, this bare bones production (released only on cassette!) contains live guitar and vocal tracks, no frills and no editing. Tracklist coming soon.

If you are going without one, or both (no pun intended) of these recordings and consequently hatin’ it, contact me.




Different for Girls: Women Artists and Female Fronted Bands Cover Joe Jackson (Compilation).different_279 Released by Skipping Discs, 2004. “Fiona Lehn’s mostly faithful interpretation of ‘On Your Radio’ retains, indeed, adds to the original’s energy and power and, of the ‘copies’ on the album, is clearly the highlight…Overall this is a good and thoroughly enjoyable album with the two undoubted highlights being Lisa Mychols ‘Look Sharp!’ and Fiona Lehn’s ‘On Your Radio.’ By some distance these are also the two finest vocal performances on the disc as well, both instilling great character into their respective songs.”
–Jamie Field in Kington, England and Russ Elliot in New York
 (see entire review).


Go on Girl 2 (Compilation). Released by Susan White of FRET LESS MUSIC, 1997. Contains 13 female solo artists and female-led bands who live in the U.S. and in Canada. This musically diverse cd is a great introduction to many independent artists who were starting out in the 90’s and are still making their living in music today.
Genre: Rock: 90’s Rock
Available at CD Baby!



These are coming eventually. Thanks for your patience while I build this SPACEsite. Need something you don’t see up here and gotta have? Let me know.

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